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Peer Support Group
In response to the pandemic, IFS has operated a weekly virtual support group for Somali mothers, a free and peer-led space providing peer connections, resource-sharing, and socio-emotional support. This support group has grown into a critical support system for Somali mothers experiencing isolation and uncertainty in parenting and across health, education, and employment systems. On a week-to-week basis, the group has 20-30 Somali mothers in attendance. Through a peer-driven structure, the support group sets the agenda for weekly meetings, with IFS staff acting as coordinators to facilitate the group. In addition to holding space for open sharing, IFS facilitates culturally-specific panels and discussions which highlight topics including mental health and stigma, systems navigation, and self-advocacy. As one of very few spaces in Seattle/King County for Somali mothers, the support group has flourished into a safe and valued space for Somali mothers to gain emotional, social, and peer support and cultivate a sense of power in their parenting experiences.The themes for each session were selected using a strength-based, assets model designed to direct the women's attention to the positives in their lives
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Power and Civil Engagement
Somali women and girls deserve to be connected in their communities and have a strong voices.We believe women can overcome language barriers, racism and religious intolerance to empower themselves and their families to thrive. IFS support Somali women and girls combat gender disparities and social isolation. Our civic engagement and leadership programs complement each other. Women and girls Community and civic engagement topics include: • Internship and mentorship programs • Financial literacy and economic prosperity • Entrepreneurial support services • Citizenship • System literacy • advocacy and resources navigation • Support for high school graduation and college enrollment • Resume building • Resilience and confidence building • Communication skills including social media and public speaking
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Remote Case Management
We provide case management services to East African refugee and immigrant families residing in King County: • Emotional and social connection • Need assessment • Creating Goals client desires • Assistance applying for benefits • Scheduling Wellness checkups • Cultural Health Orientation o System literacy o Health literacy • Connect with Resources in Community • Advocacy • Creating Goals client desires • Following up on Goals • Money Management Education • Time Management Education